Yi Huilin


Senior Technical Executive, Sustainable Urban Solutions

Yi Huilin

Huilin first joined Surbana in September 2012 as an Engineer with specialty in climate simulation analysis (CFD, OpenForm, IES, Ecotect, etc).  She has successfully completed the Green Mark Manager’s programme.  Her dissertation in NTU was focused on CFD for thermal comfort.  She is very familiar with multiple climate analysis tools, and potentially integrates the design model and analysis contributing to building design optimisation.  She is familiar with international green rating tools, eg. Green Mark, China Green start, LEED.  She has completed many Green Mark platinum projects with support of CFD and Energy simulation, e.g. First Green Mark Platinum Hawker Centre; tallest Net Zero Energy Building in South East Asia – NUS SDE4; Integrated Healthcare Campus – Woodlands Community Hospital (thermal comfort and CFD analysis), and many more.  Huilin believes that Climate responsive design is a powerful tool to support design decision, and is a potential saving to optimize the design.