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Infrastructure and Connectivity

Connectivity is important to a city’s social and commercial vitality. As the global population rises and increasingly lives in urban environments and megacities, designers are being challenged to create & maintain quality of life for citizens. But liveable, sustainable cities cannot be a part of the future unless we focus efforts on the fundamental objectives – to provide good jobs, affordable housing and an effective transport system. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a shiny example of global infrastructure and connectivity, is a mega development strategy proposed by the Chinese government to achieve growth through with a China-centred trading network. Moving in tandem with BRI’s roadmap, SJ also flies her flags of technical excellence with global mega projects such as mixed development management comprising hotels, commercial buildings & shopping centres for Ancol Bay in North Jakarta, Indonesia, design and construction of Colombo-Katunayake Expressway in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Singapore’s very own iconic Changi Jewel at the Singapore Changi Airport.

Flooding 2

Flooding: How Can Cities Be Prepared for an Increasingly Unpredictable Future?

2018 was a year of unprecedented global weather events. […]

petrochemical hub

Energy & Petrochemical Parks – Creating Value Through Robust Land Leasing Approaches

BP recently reported[1] that in 2017, global primary en […]

Jurong Island

Creating a Petrochemical Hub – Vision versus Reality

The petrochemical industry is capital-intensive and has […]

Bridge 1 unsplash

Structural Engineering – Getting Ready for the Future!

Structural Engineers are always in competition with the […]


Technology and Innovation

Digitalisation in Construction is transforming how real estate, urban development and infrastructure projects are being planned, constructed and operated. Its effect is prevalent, impacting not only the physical assets and processes, but also the human dimension – the user experience and quality of living, and their interaction with the physical and socio-economic environment. Projects are getting more complex and larger in scale, and the growing demand for environmentally sensitive construction means traditional practices need to change. Digital technology and breakthrough such as the 7D-BIM Facilities Management for improved asset management, and the use of Lidar technology for 3-D imaging in site surveys, will coherently improve work processes, save turnaround time, and increase productivity.

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Flowing Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructural Future

Returning from London in October 2018 as the sole winne […]

Dam Stock Pic lores 1

Powering the Water Sector Using Smart Technology

Flowing and Taking Form, Digitally Universally, the Wat […]

Dorne 1

Drones at Work – Eyes in the Sky!

Introduction Drones are now one of several technologies […]

Wanted A New Paradigm for Construction

Wanted: A New Paradigm for Construction

The Business of the Future It’s an exciting time to be […]


Design Leadership

Rising up to the challenge of how engineering and technical innovation can meet the uphill task of urbanisation, our designers ride on the wave of SJ’s good reputation of buildingaffordable housing and industrial parks. A grand showcase of our past successes and current works, our other pockets of design excellence include varied building typologies which holds true to creativity, versatility, and forward-looking. These traits are prevalent in notable projects such as self-sustaining urban farming concept and multi-tiered industrial complexes to house work and living spaces.

Airport Hero Image

Designing and Operating Airports: A Complex System of Systems

Keynote speech by Liew Mun Leong Chairman, Changi Airpo […]


East Meets West: Planning Lessons Learned From China

I have spent 15 years living in Beijing and Shanghai, d […]

Airport 2 compressed

The Future is Taking Off Key Trends Impacting Airport Planners

To cope with the increased demand for air travel, autho […]

Pic 1

Designing Green Cities and Green Buildings – Is there a Secret Sauce?

Introduction The recent global heat wave, that has clai […]


More Insights

Here, our readers gain more insights on management related topics such as human capital building, and the application of parental coaching approaches in the workplace. Thought leadership is not only a platform to showcase our technical excellence and project innovation, but an organisation of people, staying committed in their areas of excellence – working cohesively to seek good solutions to daily challenges.

Workplace Pic

Workplace and Workforce of the Future: Redefined

I was involved in a study several years back, together […]

Forensic 1

Forensic Investigation in Cost and Contracts; Not Just for a QS Mindset

Introduction Amidst ever-changing market conditions, th […]

Olympic 1

Legacy planning in building & construction – Case study: The Olympic Games

Olympic host cities in the past have struggled, and some have failed, to establish a meaningful function for the infrastructure after the Games. The concept of legacy planning for global mega-events & venues, and even other build environments, is of paramount importance.

Parental coaching 002 e1516090045670

Why parental coaching techniques matter in the workplace

Every parent understands the challenges and rewards of teaching children. But can similar skills be employed in the business and office environment to help attract and retain the best staff?