Surbana Jurong’s cybersecurity solution is a multi-faceted suite of services that aims to help clients reduce their exposure to threats. Working with established partners from the cybersecurity industry with extensive experiences, our cybersecurity services adopt a holistic and coordinated approach to reinforce the resilience of clients’ organisations.

Cybersecurity Features

Find Phase – Risk Assessment

  • Privacy Impact Assessments identify effectiveness of personal and system data protection and ensure compliance with local regulatory standards
  • Assessment and testing of networks, operating systems and web applications. Can include HTTP/SMTP Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assessment
  • Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) highlights applications and threats that expose vulnerabilities in security’s posture

Fix Phase – Remediation and Prevention

  • Policy or system adaptations advisory to minimise risk of data leakages from internal networks or publicly accessible web servers
  • Configurable systems hardening against industry-accepted security standards
  • One-off post mortem investigations of cybersecurity incidents and recommendation of actionable steps for future prevention

Monitor Phase – Security Command Centre

  • Advisory for an aggregation of tools and data from various threat intelligence, SIEMs, active directories, etc.
  • SCADA Application can integrate with tools typically used in a security operations centre
  • Streaming of critical monitoring data from SCADA applications that are typically used for endpoint detection of unknown threats and attacks.
  • Key alerts can be piped into a Smart Incident Management System (SIMS) from the SC Portal to drive actionable responses from the relevant IT vendor / personnel
  • Provision of security operations centre and edge protection services with partners

Cybersecurity Benefits

  • Minimises costs of business interruption from an attack
  • Protects the business against reputational damage
  • Protects key competitive and client data from leakage
  • Pre-emptive user training ensure adequate responses to unanticipated cyber attacks
  • Manages risks of connected devices being weaponised to cause substantive damage

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