Lift Monitoring System

Surbana Jurong's Lift Monitoring System (LMS) provides a platform for the remote monitoring of lifts and elevators. LMS monitors and tracks the performance of these assets so that pre-emptive maintenance can be carried out prior to breakdowns, enhancing safety and reliability

LMS Features

  • Real-time monitoring of lift operations allows overview of assets’ operative state and captures data for predictive analysis
  • Resides in the cloud and functions with the Microsoft Azure suite of services to provide secure data storage and machine learning functionality
  • Able to support asset monitoring and performance tracking across different lift generations, models and brands
  • Equipped to interface with Surbana Jurong’s Smart Incident Management Systems (SIMS) to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution
  • Non-intrusive sensor devices installed in lifts capture data, which facilitate analysis of lift telemetry and predict future failure, allowing for optimised maintenance and reduced downtime

LMS Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring and predictive capabilities result in productivity and cost savings
  • Secure communications protocol with active network monitoring and management
  • Addresses the risk of breakdown incidences causing business interruptions as well as health and safety related incidents
  • Usable data points that can drive actionable insights such as preventative maintenance, and recovery cost decisions
  • Mobile app allows quick and easy system commissioning during the deployment stage

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Lift Monitoring System Brochure