Smart Incident Management System (SIMS)

Surbana Jurong's Smart Incident Management System (SIMS) is a customised, web and mobile-based system that allows users to report faults in facilities directly. Real-time tracking of responses ensure faults are rectified in a timely and satisfactory manner. The use of SIMS helps to achieve service excellence in facility management and operation while optimising productivity and cost savings. 

SIMS Features

  • Configurable data sorting and reporting
  • Configurable to cater to different business workflows, incident reporting templates and forms
  • Tracking of response time to allow for effective performance assessment of contractors
  • Exact fault location can be pinpointed with customisable location categories for multiple or large facilities
  • Acts as a database and a tracker for the site-admin to manage contractors’ details, including Service Level Agreement and incident response time

SIMS Benefits

  • Improved record keeping, reporting and incident closure tracking
  • Reduced manpower needs enable cost saving
  • Reduced risk of business interruptions and reputational damage from unaddressed incidents
  • Increased productivity as faults are reported directly to relevant contractors
  • Improved lifespan of building assets with prompt responses to mechanical or environmental failures
  • Cloud-based infrastructure is easily scalable and supports business growth

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